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Thread: Class with high survivability.

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    Default Class with high survivability.

    I am currently waiting for my digital copy of Rift to download and was pondering what class i would like to level. What are my options for dealing damage to several opponents at once and still be able to outlast them?

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    Cleric's are quite survivable and have a decent AoE build, I recommend something like this


    Inquistor/Cabalist/Justicar make sure to run with mein of honor on, throw a bolt of radiance in your rotation as well as using strike of judgement when you need conviction for your doctorines

    Circle of oblivion + Soul drain + decay + obliterate = excellent AoE =D

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    Agreed. Cleric are amazing for this. Melee or ranged.
    Other callings get better as you can use combination of pets and heals.

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    Early on the Mage / Elementalist is very good but yoyos a bit in surviveability until lvl 30 or so.
    (you get a heavy tanking pet plus a very good pet heal early)

    Around that point you get the option to switch to necro (with Feign Death) and that's a whole lot safer.

    How you proceed from there is completely up in the air. There are many ways and combinations but for soloing it's very hard to beat Feign Death which instantly and completely sheds all aggro.

    Every class with self-heals can solo their way to 50 quite easily.
    What surviveability is depends largely on what you expect to survive. =P
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