Hi There,

I've noticed a few things the past few weeks especially in PVP. I'm going to make a simple example with a simple solution.

I'm a class using a big cooldown representing a buff. This buff particular can make a differance between life and death in PVP. I dont want to point the obvious but Ground of Strength is usually the one im looking to dispel asap. As if you have a number of buffs from other classes on you aswell. I will have to dispel in mass PVP around minimum 10 times to purge this buff. Looking to my cd's that will take me 2 minutes. Basicly meaning im death. and the other person survives.

What i suggest is that there will be some level of buff which states the one which should be removed first. Purging buffs that can be re-applied 1 second after it has been removed should have ofcourse the lowest. Buffs as given in the example should be removed first by purge or any other removal skill for buffs.

Simply categorizing buffs makes it more balanced for buffs that can be reapplied like the ones from the bard or any other simple buff. It's no use to purge and it should be removed aswell.

ofcourse there are consequences taking this, but i dont know any solution for this. cabalist can mass debuff ofcourse, but purging a full raids 10 minutes CD'S is indeed redicilious. it might work out to give the spells also a level of purging. deciding single target purges should remove the highest level of buff, and AOE purges should either randomly or removing the lowest-mid levels of buffs.