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Thread: New, and wondering what class i should play.

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    Default New, and wondering what class i should play.

    Ok, 4 more hours still left on download.

    I was thinking of playing a Justafar and going with shield and mace. Mainly cause i like one hander maces.
    But I been reading bad things about their damage output.

    I was also thinking about playing a necro or a warlock first.
    I was thinking I could get tailoring or whatever its called and make bags. If I play cleric, Ill go armorer.

    So what do you think would be a good PVE class to play.
    I dont like PVP so I will be all PVE.

    I want to be able to do decent damage and be able to survive.

    So, in your opinions, what class would be good to start with?

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    Anything but rogue - unless you really fancy a class with half the dps and survivability of any of the other 3 classes

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    If you want PvE, pure PvE, you can chose: (speaking of pure class)


    -Reaver. High defence ability. tank based class, perfect to kill more than one enemy at the same time, excellent long time DPS. Reaver can't kill fast, but can deal high damage whit it's DoT AoE skills. And have 3 skills (2 of them at mid/high levels and 1 is it's main skill, that can make you survive so long in PvE).
    Whit the recent nerf, that class isn't powerful in PvE like one week later, but it's so good.
    Combine that class whit Riftblade to increase it's DoT damage whit the bonus of Rift Fury. You can combine it also whit Beastmaster to obtain a useful pet.

    -Beastmaster. Good damage, a lot of DoT, a very good pet. Whitout the pet you can't kill easy the enemy, but whit the pet you can skill very good different kind of enemy. Not healing for you, but healing for your pet (and a tankstyle skill for make your pet a little useful tank).
    Combine it whit a Champion or a Paragon and you can obtain a very good class for PvEvP. Combine it whit Reaver (and a little of Riftblade if you want the ranged Flamespear skill) and you can obtain a very good mass PvE class!

    -All melee clerics, expecially Justicar. Someone say it's so funny to play, but i've never play one of it.
    -Cabalist and Inquisitor was the ranged offensive clerics can be less funny in PvE but more effectively.

    Clerics have lesser attack power than all the other classes (but someone say that's not correct because the offensive class can deal a high damage whit the right build).


    -Elemental Summoner. Expecially for the first time into the game, the summon can save you more than one time, in PvE. Summoner have some good skills and is one of the best for PvE.
    Combine whit the AoE skills of Stormcaller and Warlock you can kill like the Reaver, and more more good, and stay alive whit high hp.

    -Pyromancher, expecially combined whit other classes (like elemental summoner and Archon), can be really good in PvE whit single-target very fast kills.

    -Warlock, that hit more than one enemy and can make you hit so hard different mobs.

    I don't know well mages, say to a mage to obtain more help about that classes XD


    -Ranger. A good pet to hit the enemy and make the threat on them when you kill the enemy, good ranged skills and high damage.
    Can be combined very well whit Marksman, or in some build whit Saboteur.

    -Saboteurs. (and now some players don't agree, I'm shure XD) At liv 13 you can have all the skills to attack your charge on the enemy and them don't feel it. That grant you to hit them first whit 6 skills and sometimes deal a mortal amount of damage. All that before them see you!
    Combined whit Assassinor Nightblade, that class can be one of the more powerful in PvP, expecially 1vs1, and a really good class for pve.
    In PvE: Hide, 5 charge, incapacitate (or not, if the enemy stay on it's position and don't move), final skill, hit and Detonation. That can make your enemy death XD

    -Bladedancer can be a very good PvE class, but I've only heard it, I've never try one.

    -Bard, whit Ranger pet, can be a really good class in PvE. Whit the pet you can hit hard a mob and whit some skills you can restore your hp easy during the battle.

    I loke too PvE more than PvP and i really like Reaver class combined whit Riftblade and whit 2 point in Paragon to obtain Strike like Iron (+48% damage if you use 3 point when active them).
    I can kill a very great number of enemy and stay alive whit high hp.
    I like it!
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