I read a few threads about how clerics are having a hard time with power, and how it wasn't fair that mages (chloro) could get spells which gave them a %age of their power back. I too thought this was unusual and unfair.

But then I played one.

Want to know why those mages have abilities which give them power back? Because they need them. Take a look at what the INT and WIS stats do for you. You'll see that a cleric (WIS focus) will have a MUCH higher rate of mana regeneration than a mage (INT focus) who will have a higher base amount of mana.

I found that playing the cleric I could just spam heals forever (with a couple of exceptions) and my passive regen from a high WIS stat would keep me in mana for ever. While playing the chloromancer though, I had to be constantly hitting that 'gimme-power' button or I'd run out of power, because the passive regen on the mage was almost non-existant. Also ran into an annoying situation as a necro/chloro. Necro's eat their pets for power. But when the pet is dead and you don't have enough power to recast one, you're pretty much SoL. I ended up suiciding to get the ability to do anything again. I have since changed my build to fix this problem.

I also have a friend playing a paladin, and he didn't know that strength gives you block and parry.

Anyways, the point of this thread was to get people to look at what the different stats do for you.