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Thread: Cross Class

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    Cool Cross Class

    Hi All!

    Is it possible to cross class(Beastmaster/Riftstalker/Warden)?

    Thanks for your replies!


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    One archtype (mage, warrior, cleric, rogue)
    And 3 souls from that archtype (ie. riftstalker/ranger/bard)

    You can also acquire 3 additional "roles" that allow you to save 3 more sets of souls(specs/builds). These are also restricted to your chosen archtype.
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    Trion did a good job of offering most traditional group-builds in each archetype. Clerics can tank, DPS, and heal depending on which soul they use. Rogues can tank with Riftstalker, provide support and great AoE spike heals with Bard, and provide spike damage with pretty much all the other souls. The same concept exists in each of the other Archetypes. Each archetype also has a beastmaster soul.

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