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Thread: Please keep balance changes separate between PvE and PvP

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    Default Please keep balance changes separate between PvE and PvP

    Development Team:

    I humbly suggest that if possible, please have two completely separate mechanics for abilities between PvE and PvP. Hear me out, please.

    Many MMOs have PvE balance just destroyed because of the massive amount of complaints in PvP. Now, these complaints very well might be called for. However, most MMO developers nerf abilities with little to not thought on the outcome to PvE balance.

    Something I suggest is to have abilities act differently based on if the target hit is an NPC or a player. For example, let's make a new game. Let's say a nuke does 1k damage. In this game, players have on average 2,000 health. People will be complaining about it in PvP. However, in PvE, monsters have 20,000 health on average. Instead of nerfing the nuke, have it where if a nuke hits an NPC (non player controlled pet though), it deals its usual. If it hits a player, it instead does 200 or 250. Perhaps in PvE a root lasts 10 seconds. In PvP, it could last 3 seconds. If you can completely mez/sleep/sheep/squirrel an NPC for 30 seconds, you could have it simply root and silence in PvP for 7 seconds. Etc... One shouldn't affect the other.

    The point is, please keep the balance between PvE and PvP separate from each other. Don't let PvE ruin PvP's gameplay, and don't let PvP ruin PvE's gameplay. So far, this is a fantastic game...but look at the PvP complaints. It's just out of hand. I really do not want to see this game suffer in PvE because of PvP balance issues. With this method, true balance can be maintained in the field that the issue actually exists, as opposed to a blanket modification that can break the ability.

    An example in this game is the Dominator. It is a powerhouse in PvP, but it's severely weak in its current state in PvE. If you possibly nerfed it in a blanket modification across the board, you're practically giving less and less reason to spec deeply into Dominator at all for PvE. That's nearly removing a class.

    Thanks for your time!
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