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Thread: Warrior DPS/PVE and PVP build for level 20.

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    Default Warrior DPS/PVE and PVP build for level 20.

    Hello I was wondering if someone can give me some advice. What soul combination are best used for DPS/PVE, and also a PVP build. I am currently Champion/Riftblade/Warlord. I would like a DPS/PVE build and PVP build. Single target and AE. Thanks.

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    Champion is a slow starter but gets really good above 26/27.

    I'm running Champion main, with Beastmaster and Warlord for the other two souls. Beastmaster adds some nice dps from pet, plus its sometimes handy to have a little helper Warlord just adds a bit of survivorbility.

    Lvl 29 at the moment and i'm cutting through mobs very fast. I'm also playing on a PvP server and not had many problems taking out other players. Their health seems to go down fast.

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