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Thread: Looking for a RP guild

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    Default Looking for a RP guild

    Are there any around on Faeblight?

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    When you say 'RP guild' what exactly do you mean?

    I usually play the role of a cleric (my main class) but I can also play the role of a warrior, rogue, mage, primalist as I have each class up to level 70. I can fulfill the role of tank, heal, DPS, and support in most content as cleric.

    If it is role-playing within the guild here are my roles:
    - guild servant / officer / leader
    - raid leader / master looter
    - activity liaison
    - achievement hunter
    - artifact collector
    - wardrobe collector / maker / supplier
    - legendary crafter (all trade skills maxed)

    Here are some other roles played by my guild mates:
    - guild scribe
    - dimensions master
    - class / spec master
    - materials procurement
    - moderator
    - Discord and Guilded administrator
    - raider
    - etc

    Also, I play the role of "poor cleric"
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    Or are you looking for a guild that does role-play?

    There are several guilds that do rp, and most are on the Faeblight shard. Use the Guild Finder option and tic the Role-play box in the search options. That will show you all the guilds who list role-play as one of the options they offer their members.

    As another option, I belong to Keeper of Spirits on Faeblight. Now that Fae Yule is over we will be drumming up interest in rp with our members. If you would like to join us, you are most welcome. Find us in the Guild Finder option and drop my name in the message box. Someone is on all the time and it shouldn't take long for us to respond.

    If you do join us, I look forward to seeing you!

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