Citizen’s Job Fair
Sponsored by the City of Tempest Bay

The City of Tempest Bay invites all skilled professionals, artisans, specialists, and masters of combat to an upcoming job fair in Tempest Bay. This is the perfect place for those seeking to create new contacts, find employment or alliance opportunities, and interact with the community of professionals available in continental Mathosia, Ember Isle, Duskan, Brevane, and beyond.

The local Bay area tavern in the Canals District will be open and serving complimentary beverages to all who arrive seeking work. Please note there will be a job board available outside the tavern for those seeking to either solicit their own skills or post a specific need in advance. Feel welcome to make a post or just show up and ask around.

In these difficult times, ever fraught with uncertainty, we need to band together and strengthen Telaran economies as well as Telaran homes. The City of Tempest Bay hopes this opportunity empowers citizens, guilds, Orders, and businesses across Tavra.


Open-World Casual Meet n Greet RP Event

Theme: Locally run, government funded, Citizen’s Job Fair
Host: None! Just show up and start emoting!
Where: Open-World Tempest Bay Tavern (Canals District)
Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 6:00PM PST/Server
What to Do: If you want to, post an advertisement on the ‘job board’ (aka in this thread) for others to be aware of. Or just show up and meet some new folks or rub elbows with an old acquaintances. The point of the event is to foster community interaction and get us all together to make new acquaintances and start casual new threads of RP. We all have tons of huge, all-consuming tales going on. But let’s meet some new folks and chat it up!

Remember: Mains and Alts welcome! You can always bring or roll a new alt to play around with if the event doesn’t fit your main character or if they’re otherwise indisposed due to plots. If you arrive alone and feel shy, don’t forget you can reach out to others via an OOC /tell to break the ice for an IC intro! Have fun! See ya there!