Seeking Experienced Demonologist & Trained Doctor

Philanthropic Organization "The Council of Ages" has specific need for a knowledgeable demonologist with experience in warding rituals and exorcisms as well as summons and bindings, a firm grasp on reading and interpreting the meanings of demonic runes, a knowledge and proficiency with many phylum and genus of demons both physical, and spiritual; planar and supernatural. Applicants may have no less than two years experience in the field, training under a mentor that is recognized in the field of study, and preferably performed at least five exorcisms prior.
Applicants who feel they are qualified for this position are encouraged to contact Dame-Commander Duskwren Essa by post with a short description of your qualifications.

Benefits include a challenging work environment, peerless resources in continued research, pleasant colleagues, professional networking, and unique acquisitions. Travel opportunities, access to company labs, and a dental plan.

Also seeking: Physicians and Healers of any faith or backgrounds; both magical and physiological.
Positions available in field medicine as well as clinical. Working knowledge of anatomy and physiology of humans, bahmi, elves, dwarves, were-beasts required. Knowledge regarding the care and treatment of talking sheep may also be helpful. Please be experienced in trauma, triage, disease control, removal of magical curses and psychiatry. A background in Xenobiology and/or magitech is preferred. We are interested in applicants with all levels of experience for these positions.

Heavy roleplaying guild with a concentration on adventure and action/mission/research based RP has frequent and recurring need for these types of characters. We would prefer to fully recruit someone in as a member, (Because we think we have a great time with our RP and we want to rp with you a lot!) but in a pinch, we'd be open to working with outside allies for our stories. We're happy to work with brand new roleplayers as well as experienced roleplayers and would love to teach someone the ropes of Rift roleplaying, or just help you grow and have fun!
We're a stable, active, long running level 25 guild with a great core and very active in the Faeblight RP community at large. Our website is, please check out our application and codes here.