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Thread: Roleplaying in Rift Guide; where to find it and how in 4.0

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    Arrow Roleplaying in Rift Guide; where to find it and how in 4.0

    A lot of information on the official forums is out of date for the modern Rift roleplayer, and post dates are old! I felt it was nessesary to post this to any new and incoming potential RPers to assure them that the character story-making community on Faeblight is alive and well with players from around the world.

    So you've completed step one and rolled a new character on Faeblight. You've looked up lore, you've picked a class and have some idea of the character you want to build and play as-- Now what? How do you find other roleplayers and build contacts and develop story for your character in realtime? If this is you; here are six simple tips to hit the ground running.

    ~Get the merisioux addon. This character sheet UI will help you spot other role players and get a sense from how they present a character preview if they might have a "style" in RP that meshes with yours. Basically, its a "find your tribe" shortcut!

    ~Join FaeblightUnited.enjin.com. FBU is the official community RP forum and is more active than the official rift forums for RP. Get networked. Find events. Scout guilds. Talk to people and make contacts.

    ~Be open to "starting" the RP. Use the RP walk feature (check your keybinds, but defalt is usually numlock) to demonstrate you are in character. Be willing to strike up an in character conversation or emote "noticing" someone even if you might not get a response.

    ~Don't be discouraged by the lowest common denominator of "open world RP". Rift's main hot spot of revolving door RP is Argent Glade. Sometimes you walk into RP done well of public meetings, or community figures enjoying a relaxing drink, or picking up mail, but a lot of times you'll also find all of the bad RP tropes under one roof taking themselves and their pursuits quite seriously.

    ~Consider joining an RP focused guild to find a regular group that hosts events and opportunities and to find built in RP mentors and contacts. I recommend approaching a group that you see doing the kind of RP you enjoy on the times you are free to join in most often and asking about enlisting.
    Don't assume that a "serious" or "hardcore" or 'heavy rp" guild isn't open to all levels of experience. There isn't a single guild on this shard that's "too good for newbies". We love newbies. Everyone was a newbie once.

    ~Be willing to grow. By the same token everyone was a newbie once; no one was born a 25 year old role player with a character sheet in one hand and a d20 in the other--
    We ALL always have room to get better at role playing. We can all make mistakes in etiquette. We can all get a little too emotionally involved in our characters, we can all be a little fuzzy on lore details and misspeak.
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