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Thread: EU Active RP

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    If your looking for some active roleplayers who are pretty chill with only a few house rules then give us a try at Stalkers of Evergreen (Link) for more info contact Sushu@Typhiria, Jeralt@Typhiria or follow the link provided.

    Thanks for reading here are a few reviews to give a first impression;

    Quote Originally Posted by Varedis View Post
    Stalkers of Evergreen, is a warm and welcoming community of good and commited players and above else nice and good people. I've settled myself within the embrace of this welcoming wamrth of the people that inhabit the guild. Even tought the guild is still in a process of growing which it does ripidtly and faster everyday it has a various types of amusing events and things to do from pvp and pve to raids and roleplaying. All in all its a fine and prosperous community and which everyone can find its own spot and enjoy itself.
    With all due honesty Varedis Master Pyromancer.
    Quote Originally Posted by goodmode View Post
    I'm one of those people who genuinely just Isn't Good At MMOs, so it was incredibly heartening to find that SoE was welcoming to me right from the start. They've helped me with every question I've had, I'm never pressured to level faster or join in with anything I don't want to, and I know that if I ever did try to get in on the raid action they'd be there to walk me through it and make sure I know what I'm doing.

    I actually joined for the roleplay, and scenes so far have been fun and interesting and it seems there's a plot twist at every turn. Players are fair and everyone makes sure to communicate well and involve other characters as much as possible so that no one feels left out. Any small hiccups are swiftly talked out and I've had no issues at all so far. If there's anyone out there looking for some fun and laid-back roleplay on Rift, I wholeheartedly recommend joining us.

    Also, a big hand to Sushu for heading a lot of the biweekly RP events, and to everyone who's been involved thus far for playing fair and keeping up a great atmosphere. It's a real trip, guys. :^)

    came for the RP, stayed for the people, 11/10 would pixie again

    Quote Originally Posted by Dewiniaid View Post
    For me Stalkers of Evergreen offers a nice safe haven with good atmosphere and friendly helpful players. I've spent a quite a few years on various mmorpg's and I'm not one of those who need help in every corner, but as a fairly inexperienced rifter I've received all the help I've needed and all my questions have been answered in most polite way. Also, the amount of the green text in my chat window makes me feel that I'm actually part of sumthin' and the activity has been a real joy for me.

    As a shy finnish person I'm not the loudest guy on the planet and I'm probably too scared to start the roleplaying myself, but I've heard that the roleplaying team has lots of laughs and fun in guild dimension. Thumbs up for that!

    As for the future, I'm looking for to reach max level and perhaps even try a bit of raiding. But most of the all, I want to enjoy the game and this guild definitely provides me a perfect place to go for it.

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    Still active and searching for roleplayers ;)

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