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Thread: A letter left lying on an Inn table on Faeblight...

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    Default A letter left lying on an Inn table on Faeblight...

    Sighing softly and with a slightly trembling hand and heavy heart, she begins to write...

    Well met, my name is simply Kesan as I have not earned a surname as of yet. I have ventured here to this land they call Faeblight in hopes of making a place in this world for myself. I come from a large family and much to my father's disappointment, we were all girls, myself being the youngest and the greatest of his disappointments. I have 5 sisters, all of which have either successfully made a name for themselves or well on their way to doing so. I have tried, I was becoming a successful Apothecary but that still fell short. The reason? Let me explain further...

    I will start with my father, he is a very well known Warrior. His battle skills are something to be seen and he has no fear. My mother has also marked her place in the world as a Mage with a very quick mind and sharp skills, able to call forth things that I feel are best left where they reside. Of my sisters, one is a Warrior much to the delight of my father, she is his pride as she is well on her way to matching his skills and ferocity. The next 2 are both Clerics, while different than our parents, they have excelled in the skill of battling hand to hand, knowing no fear and jumping into the middle of things. This has delighted both our parents as it falls within their line of skills and mindset. The next two are my mothers pride and joy, twins of course, one is following in our mothers deathly footsteps and the other has nearly mastered the art of fire and to be honest, is something to behold when she starts glowing.

    Me? I have disappointed not only my father, but 2 of my sisters as well. My mother and other sisters all feel sorry for me because of the path I have chosen. I have embraced my calling, become one with it and have found personal joy in it, although at times it has caused my much physical pain. I am an Archer, some say hunts-woman, some say marks-woman, I don't know, all I know is I fight with my bow. Yes, I have a nice pair of daggers, but would prefer it not get to the point I have to use them. I will if I have to, just prefer to fight at a distance. My companions are a bunch of misfits like myself. There's Jake, he's been with me since he was a small runt of a boar. I found him with his hoof trapped in a knot hole of a piece of wood. Then comes Spyder, my wolf, although I'm not sure you can convince him of this now. His name is because I found him as a tiny cub, trapped in a brood-mothers web, about to be her next meal. Finally there is Tibble. I'm not quite sure how he got his name. I won him in a game of chance from a very unscrupulous person. Poor Tibble was very malnourished and, well, you can imagine the rest.

    I am hoping to find people of a like mind to make a place with. I don't bring much to the table other than my skill as an Apothecary. I have not quite mastered my skill, but I work hard at it. I am somewhat of, well, I guess the only thing I am serious about is trying to learn to be better with my bow and hunting skills. Oh and fishing, let's not forget fishing. I could spend hours just sitting on the bank of some water of any form and fish. I try to cook what I fish up as well, waste not want not. I could sit and just visit with friends, laughing, listening to them, helping when I can. When I do go out to fight, I try to have fun while I am out there, explore when I can and yes, I do get distracted at times.

    Well, I have written far more than I had intended and will close and send this off to hopefully fall into friendly hands. If you think perhaps I would be someone you think perhaps might be able to find a place with your guild, please send word.

    With all due respect,


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    Default Sees a letter and looks around before opening it, reads and thinks to himself...

    "This poor soul, she kinda reminds me of my childhood in a way, although I lost my family so no one to disappoint I guess. Hopefully she finds a companion in her travels..."

    Serilous sets the note back where he finds it...
    Serilous@Faeblight/Anggus@Faeblight/Addno@Faeblight and Serilous on every other server thank you!!!

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    Reads the letter and remembers starting out as a simple cleric that just wanted to learn the art of healing.... and ended up learning far more about the art of killing, becoming something she never intended. Tries to think of how to justify it and stops herself because it really doesn't matter. Hard times force you to focus on survival, not ideals. Smirks at the letter and gives it a comical salute as she walks out of the inn.
    Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you.

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