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Thread: Returning Newcomer: European Roleplayers, anyone?

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    Default Returning Newcomer: European Roleplayers, anyone?

    So I recently thought about coming back in to the game, seeing as I have become rather bored of World of Warcraft, and now logging one for an hour or so just to get things done with the seasonal events and whatnot. I came back to see that my friends list was very much a barren wasteland (Meaning that either my friends deleted their characters or moved servers, either way pretty disappointing) and.. Well.. Not sure what else to say in this opening introduction, so I will get down to things.

    I remember trying to do some Roleplay on Argent/Zaviel, not exactly sure, but now I see that Europe has no real dedicated RP server, and the US side does have one, which kinda makes me rather worried, and a bit confused.

    Seeing as I don't really have anyone to turn to, I thought of coming to the forum, and hope to meet some people around here who might be able to point me in the right direction. To tell a little about myself: I've done Roleplay on World of Warcraft, did do a bit on Rift as well, but I didn't really make any standing connection with people, so I didn't last long. And now I wish to give it a second run, and I wish to hear some directions as to where I could go to.

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    Welcome back! I rp on Faeblight and it's a lot of fun. To meet other faeblight rp'ers, check out rp guilds, and see events, you can visit faeblightunited.enjin.com. There are many EU players on Faeblight as well!

    You are welcome to visit blackwoodcompany.enjin.com to check out my guild, or whisper any of us ingame for roleplay. /who blackwood will pop a list of online players up!

    We have a small ingame chat channel that we use that would help also, /join GuildAlliance. This is an OOC channel for rp'ers!

    Best of Luck and Happy Gaming!
    Rivvka / Murrbella

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