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Thread: RP on Faeblight and General Events!

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    Default Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

    Sounds great will do my best to come and say hi! I hope you will come onto Discord and share your event there Rivvka and any future ones plus your site in the Broadcasters & Writers Channel.

    Discord - Events & Contests Channel

    You and everyone on Faeblight United are welcome to come hang out with other Rift players in this chill text/voice chat channel. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.
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    Default Question...

    So what if your character participates in Primus but he's not ascended, just a regular person, and he loses. Does he die permanently in the RP world never to be heard from again?
    Serilous@Faeblight/Anggus@Faeblight/Addno@Faeblight and Serilous on every other server thank you!!!

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    Hey Serilous!

    In the Primus rp, the people who run it are very strict on not killing mortals for any reason. The way we look at duels in general is a defeat is where a person is beaten to a point where they cannot fight anymore, not necessarily killed.

    Sometimes we do have blood competitions, but when we do, we always make sure we know who the mortal characters are so they aren't slain!
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    Default So many thanks!

    I have just returned after a few years taking a detour in GW2. This is just the sort of information I was looking for.

    --Nima, Tykos, Albert, Greyfinch, and the gang

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