(( This is an extremely brief intro/insight into my new character Solanina [Eth Rogue] on Faeblight US. I recently returned to the game last month, and I'm really hoping to make some new friends and RP contacts as I known no one! I'm so lonely! ))

"Poggles! Stop playing around!"

We had been in Stonefield for the better part of three weeks, and my overzealous boar had it in for the Sobek that populated the area around my favorite fishing hole. He was currently toying with one trying to climb the rock wall behind us to escape the big pig's tusks. Every time the Sobek slid down the vertical surface, Poggles would helpfully jab one of those pointy protrusions into the creature's backside as incentive to try scaling the small mountain again.

I really couldn't blame Poggles. Our first encounter with them had been more like an angry gnat swarm. I think I might have made a few threats about bacon and loin chops as Poggles tried to round them all up. Poggles takes those kinds of comments pretty seriously, and it's now his mission in life to make sure another Sobek never gets within 30 feet of me. Of course, I would never turn Poggles into a meal despite the fact that I regularly do it to his wild cousins. He doesn't need to know I'm not serious though. It keeps him motivated.

I had just cast my line into a frenzied school of fish when a splash of pebbles bounced off the back of my head. I looked back over my shoulder to see that the Sobek had finally managed to reach a small plateau and was pitching handfuls of large gravel at me and Poggles.

"Oh for the love of…," I jammed the butt end of my pole between some rocks and picked up my bow. "I can throw things too, you little cretin!"

I proved this by "throwing" a barrage of arrows toward him. The solid twang and thump of each draw and release of the bow was music to my ears. The creature hopped around as each arrow spiked the ground in front of its dancing feet and finally lost its balance and slid right back down to my waiting boar. If Poggles could laugh, I would have sworn the series of snorts and grunts he emitted were laughter. The Sobek screeched and ran, Poggles squealed and chased, and the pair ran right over my pole just as a monster of a fish yanked the line. I made a wild grab for the pole, tripped over my own bow, and both I and my fishing pole landed with a splash in the lake. The pole sank to the bottom and I merely sat on my bottom, mud seeping into my leather pants. The Sobek disappeared into a small cave. I fervently hoped it was inhabited by something large with teeth the size of my arm.

A whuff of air that smelled like mushrooms fanned over the top of my head and sent droplets of water from my hair running into my eyes. Poggles sat next to me in the water as if this was something we did every day. Come to think of it, this really did happen more than it probably should. I patted his great snout.

"You know, Poggles, I really think we need to work on your people skills."