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Thread: Returning Roleplayer!

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    Default Returning Roleplayer!

    Howdy all! Sorry for the length of this post!

    I'll admit to feeling a little lost. I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this- Apparently shard forums are no longer a thing? Highly doubt that anyone who still remembers me is around, but I wanted to drop a line regardless and reconnect with the RP community on Faeblight and Rift as a whole.

    So! Introduction. Or... Reintroduction I suppose. I'm Remissus, a priest of Mariel-Taun, and I was a proud part of the roleplay community on Faeblight from the first weeks of Rift. Back in my heyday I helped organize numerous early community events such as:
    • IC talks for devout Guardian players and priest characters in Sanctum
    • IC pilgrimage from Argent Glade to various Vigil-related locations in other zones
    • Job fairs to help new roleplayers find IC/OOC mentors
    • The "Faeblight New Player Welcome Bag" service
    • The "Roleplayer Scholarship Award" to give out copies of Storm Legion

    And probably a whole lot more that, frankly, I've forgotten during my multiple years of being in and out of the hospital. But I'm finally back! <3 I missed the community here a lot, and am hoping things haven't changed too much without me. The community feel I always got from Faeblight was really what kept me enthralled with Rift.

    My character Remissus is a pretty helpful and cheery sort- Perhaps a little sickeningly cheerful at times, and in situations that might not normally call for it. If you're looking for another RP buddy, or someone to perform weddings/funerals/whatever on the Guardian side, send me a message! I'd love to make new friends, or reconnect with old ones! Hope to see some of you around!

    ~ Remissus

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    Hey I remember you!

    Sorry, I'm not a RPer, so can't answer in specifics.

    We're all several shards, but can teleport between them, kinda making all of NA and EU their own communities that just optionally splinter. So while Faeblight is still a thing, its just one part of several shards put together.

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