Shard: Faeblight
Guild type: Heavy RP

As noted on our website at and our guild listing on, the Blackwood Company had put a pause on recruiting and applicants for the past few weeks. The influx of applicants and new members up to that point had been overwhelming, so we had to take time as a guild to get everyone settled.

We are opening our doors again for new applicants and members!

We are a guild that enjoys all aspects of gameplay with roleplay as our primary focus. The Blackwood Company is a philanthropic foundation and upstanding pillar of the community. Once a dark and evil Order, the Company has been led on a new path over the past two years filled with bloodshed, trauma and a fiery coup to finally achieve it's goal of championing Telara and her innocents, and working to bring together heroes of all kinds for this objective.

Out of character, we focus on building a guild that is fun, accepting and enriching to its members. We work to find creative ways to weave character stories with guild story arcs, as well as including roleplay with people in our rp community on Faeblight. We have a spot in our guild for characters of almost every alignment, and we find characters of differing alignments and backgrounds lead to more depth of character and story as they are able to interact with one another.

It is our commitment to the members of the guild to generate a respectable and structured environment for everyone to enjoy. A detalied description of our role play premise, back story and guild vision can be found at . So come on in, check us out, and see if Blackwood Company is the right place for you.



A parchment is posted around Telara:

The Blackwood Company is expanding its ranks. If you feel you are ready to take on the challenges before us in a Company that protects Telara and it's innocents, an Order that stands with and for it's members, please read further. We are looking for:

-Scientists and those skilled in Magitech/Technomagic
We are again building up our scientific ranks. Current projects include work with ancient Brevane technology, nightmare research in the Water Plane including investigation of the Nightmare Engine, and other various technomagic and magictech utilizations. We seek two skilled scientists.

Also, if you have an interesting project that is beneficial to aiding Telara against the wickedness before her, but you lack resources, we are interested in making a spot for you and your project.

-Medical Staff
People skilled in the healing arts are valued and encouraged to look further into the Company. We have excellent resources available for medical research as well as fully-stocked medical facilities. We offer a free clinic for the community as well as a refugee camp for the displaced. We seek one person skilled in the healing arts.

We would like to increase the number of magic wielders and ritualists in our ranks by one.

In this time, soldiers are always in need. We seek 2 more for our ranks. (pvp-rp available).

The Company is in need of a chef, as one of our two chefs has recently disappeared. Benefits for this positions are exceptional!

-Refugee Camp Coordinator
Handling the public Clinic and the Refugee Camp is a large task for one person, so we seek to split the responsibilities and seek a person of great compassion and organization to oversee the Blackwood refugee camp, and work in tandem with our Clinic manager/medic.

If you feel you are ready and equipped to fill one of these duties loyally within our Order, please send a mail to Lady Rivvka D'Adrinne, the hanh of the Blackwood Company, or visit the lobby of our Citadel *coords* (Blackwood Citadel guild dim), the clinic *coords* (clinic&refugee camp dim by Costello), or you may find some of the Blackwood Company at the Blackwood Pines *coords* (Blackwood Pines dim).

Thank you,

hanh D'Adrinne