That topic might have sounded a little vague, so let me elaborate as much as I can.

How do the Kelari people organize in groups?

Do they go by families who stick together fiercely?

Sects that chose what spirit(s) to worship and bond over that?

Tribes, who all have their own customs and rituals with the bond to spirits being the common thread?

Clans, like the Dwarves, who are born into a clan of families (or other sub-groups)?

Sub-societies, as in within the main society that sprawled on the Ember Isle perhaps?

I'm just curious as to what a Kelari would categorize himself/herself under.

Like, internally in Kelari society, how would they distinguish power and value among themselves?

What kinda' hierarchy would they follow?

I'm sorry if this question seems a little vague, but I really can't find a better way to ask it.