Fellow European Roleplayers!

Your voice have been heard and we have launched a site for the european RP community. Please join us at: www.zaviel-today.eu.

Get Involved

Every little bit helps. Get involved and help us build a place that encourages roleplay, creativity and cooperation between Zaviel roleplayers. You donít need to know any programming language, and guess what Ė your english doesnít have to be perfect. We donít expect anyone to spend countless hours of work Ė you can get involved even by putting a good word for us during a discussion about Zaviel shard. Maybe you have a roleplaying guild? Get involved! We can host a private forum for you and your players Ė donít waste money on enjinn, when we can give you the same functions for free.

We are the community. Everyone. This site is for YOU.

Join us and see you on Zaviel!

- Legz