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Thread: Experienced RPer looking to join RP guild...

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    Default Experienced RPer looking to join RP guild...

    Hi there! Name's Camblym in-game, on Faeblight. I play a cleric who's a bit of a stickler for the rules and can be sometimes adorably grumpy. I would love to join a guild that's suitable for this! Doesn't have to be overtly must-obey-all-laws kind of good, but good more so than evil is what I'm leaning towards. Experienced roleplayer and brand new player to Rift seeking support and friendliness and openness for new players to this particular game.


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    Greetings and welcome to Rift! There are many wonderful roleplay guilds to join and mingle with! Do a Google search for Faeblight United. It's a great roleplay source for seeking out story plots, events, and potential guilds to join!
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