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Thread: Rift Adventures Dimension Touring & Community

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    Default Rift Adventures Dimension Touring & Community


    Sometime last year I started this project of sorts as a means of uniting RP and Dimensions in an easier fashion. The project serves two major purposes, further connecting/strengthening the RP community by providing an outlet to share & give your dimensions more backstory and giving those who enjoy creating dimensions an opportunity to share their creations with you.

    Long Story

    Even if RPing is not your cup of tea and you just love dimensions, you can share your builds with RPers in a directory where they can find an appropriate place to RP. And you’re projects are in a directory accessible to anyone who is interested in finding your build! More exposure is never a bad thing! In an essence I want expand Telara, hence the name “Rift Adventures”. Share your adventures, your screenshots and your dimensions with the rest of the community. In no way is my website an attempt replace our community on the forums either.

    So what is Rift Adventures? Rift Adventures, is a community driven website where you guys can share your dimensions, events, screenshots, movies, backstories, updates, comments, pretty much anything you would need to build your dimension’s personality outside of the game.

    As a part of the community, there is a community blog and forum where anyone who loves to write can share stories, ideas or opinions. I’ve also expanded profiles so you can include character bios attached to your account. Dimension groups have media uploads for pictures and movies, a personalized status/activity page, can be set to private or public depending on the nature of your RP and are included in a directory with a search feature so anyone looking for a specific RP or scene can find you.

    As a part of the community here in Rift, I want to say I absolutely love dimensions, love the environment and the players who share their journey with me. I am planning on maintaining a “featured” dimension weekly that I happen to stumble across or is suggested. This featured aspect is to help advertise/spread the word about dimensions that might get lost in the traffic in game.

    So if this was TLDR,

    1. Dimensions are wonderful to the RP community and build a stronger sense of community overall in the game. Dimesioneers are always seeking inspiration and love sharing their work.

    2. Dimension groups will give the creators the ability to tell stories behind the dimensions, invite players, manage screenshots, post status activity (hosting events) and share their builds with a larger audience.

    3. Maintaining the builds in a directory will allow more opportunities for role players to find each other. Yes, open world RP is wonderful, but dimensions are taking a larger role in personalized experiences and only expand Telara.

    4. Having multiple communities to share your experiences is never a horrible thing! A shared blog allows users to publish their stories to a larger audience, announce events and meet new players.

    The website is always a work in progress and I am looking for moderators, authors and people are willing to help maintain the website. I love the community here and I want to give back to it! =)

    If you would like to visit the website and start contributing come visit us here www.riftadventures.com.

    Thanks for your time! ~ Leahna@Faeblight

    Here are some screenshots from the website:

    Rift Adventures Dimension Touring & Community-screen1.jpg

    Rift Adventures Dimension Touring & Community-screen2.jpg

    Rift Adventures Dimension Touring & Community-screen3.jpg

    Rift Adventures Dimension Touring & Community-screen4.jpg

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    Love the final destination that begins another chapter for Telara.
    Awesome to see you persevere and take your time to bring what you enjoy to all of us.
    All the best mate!

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