The Tinfoil Knights
Protect Your Mind! Wear Foil!

About us
No we are no alien fanatics and no we do not think eth technology will make you fuzzy in your head!

We are a small social guild, with a focus on Roleplay and PvE. We are happy to group up and play together. No matter the level, no matter the experience, we do not expect anyone to know their class inside out, nor recite the lore without any flaws; all we want is to enjoy the game and do that in good company.

What we want to aim for is a group of friends that like to Roleplay or run any kind of content together, ask questions about builds, quests, lore or anything else, relaxed dungeon runs without anyone ranting about mistakes and where you get help if you ask for it.

We do not expect anyone to be online every day either, whenever you have the time to come online and want to play with your guildies, we are happy to do just that, if it is once a week or once a month.

Originally the guild was meant for only 2 people. After trying to find a name for a very long while, we ended up with this. I know it is silly, but especially the silly ones you will remember, right?
And whenever old or new made friends would like to join us, wed already have a little guild and a bank full of stuff for anyone to use.

What about the Roleplay?
So far we have no guild related Roleplay or background story and probably never will. We came up with a reason to run into each other IC to start somewhere and Id love to do the same with everyone who would like to join us. We also have a few dimensions we use and more in the making.

The idea wed like to go for, is a bunch of individuals that do not want to join a group following a specific theme or whose characters simply have no reason to be part of any company or fellowship of any sort. We carry the same guild tag, but it will have no relevance in character.
Instead we focus on the interpersonal relationships between the characters, run plots, build dimensions just for that and maybe create our own little story behind the small group of adventurers, thieves, travelers, retired soldiers, civilians, rangers and any other type of folk that ends up joining us.

When can you find us in game?
We are especially active at European times (somewhere from 8 am server time and beyond). We do not only have European players, but you will find someone around the EU primetimes for sure.
Everyone is welcome. Though, Id like to focus on the EU game times for those that moved to Faeblight from the EU RP shard Argent and of course for those with odd working hours that even so from the other side of the big pond end up playing around that time, too.

Guild leader: Fairywren