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Thread: RP dungeons, zone events, etc.

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    Default RP dungeons, zone events, etc.

    (Apologies if this already came up but I didn't find anything in my search.)

    As a longtime table-top roleplayer, I'm a little puzzled that all that RP I've seen is 'static' or at least closed events (like a hosted joust). In ye olde D&D, there might be a little shooting the breeze in-character in a bar but mostly, it was going out into the world and doing things, IC.

    In MMO terms, the equivalent might be doing an instance IC or a zone-event, or something else of the like. Or perhaps, 'seeking treasure' in a chronicle by trying to find certain artifacts in that chronicle.

    Are there any RP guilds that do this or are willing to try it?

    I know griefing is a real problem, even on an RP server, but in instances it wouldn't be an issue and during world events, RP could be kept to a private group or channel to avoid unnecessary attention.

    I'm sure folks have tried this before. What was your experience? Why isn't this more common? Or am I just not looking in the right places? Is there already a thread on this?


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    The Blackwood Company on Faeblight participates in numerous styles of rp...dimension rp, event rp with a roll system, and open world rp. For example, last night we ran a story where we started at one of the small Architect hives in the Dendrome, which led us to the next, and finally the main hive. The main hive is vast and full of elites and bosses, and we had a blast working through there ICly.

    Many of us work through quests/sagas ICly with others in the guild, rifts, invasions, strongholds, etc. You can check us out at blackwoodcompany.enjin.com if you're interested, or whisper Rivvka in game. Best of luck!
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