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Thread: EU-RP, where to?

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    Default EU-RP, where to?

    So I've been gone from the game for a while, but recently got a surge to start again.

    Sadly my old home Argent, seems to have taken a dirt-nap somewhere down the road.

    It saddened me even more to see, that EU-RP'ers now had NO home to go to (seriously, Trion, why?).

    So I'm wondering if this new place, Zaviel, is a place I can feel welcome with my need to express my characters personality?

    Or, do we have some sort of unofficial RP-server, or something?

    My previous experience is that people who don't themselves RP, look at RP'ers as if we were from another planet... and are usually quite verbal in expressing such concerns.

    I once had a friend who was actually quite heavily bullied in-game for RP'ing on a non-RP server, and I honestly don't wish to suffer his fate.

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    Zaviel (EU) is where a few RP Guilds ended up after Argent closed, as to how active they are? no idea.

    Best suggestion i can make is when on Zaviel type /join riftrp

    As far as i'm aware that's the RP Channel to use.

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