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Thread: Table Top RP in Rift

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    Default Table Top RP in Rift


    Looked around the forums, saw a few threads that gave me an idea.

    Instead of trying to make a new system out of the dice roll emotes, why not just play an actual table-top in Rift at a tavern? (Wasn't aware we had dice, so not sure how that works out.)

    All you need is a DM and some character sheets.

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    There are a number of guilds on Faeblight who use the a dice roll system and character sheets for events in their guild. Many times instead of sitting in a tavern to do it, we will build specific dimensions to work through as well. Two guilds who do a lot of tabletop type events are The Blackwood Company and The Nijem, off the top of my head.
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    I think the idea here isn't "using character sheets for your Rift characters" but "having your Rift characters make up character sheets for characters in another setting and run an RPG in-game." Maybe Cyberpunk 2020 or something.
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    I'd join a 13th age game if anyone runs it

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