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Thread: Openworld chaotic RP

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    Default Openworld chaotic RP

    Does anyone here know if this is possible on Zaviel (my current server) or Faeblight?

    I would love to RP, but my character is a loner and a complete rebel against the current factions.

    I personally want to do openworld chaotic RP in front of the non-rp'ers, and in the world around them. Not just limited to conversation, but make it more about actually doing stuff in character in the openworld.

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    I've seen this on Faeblight...people rp quests and rifts...I've seen fights outside the Free People's cafe in Shimmersand and conflict rp in the Blunted Quill in Argent Glade as well as the tavern in Tempest Bay. Talking too of course, but you never know what will happen eh? Are these the types of things you're looking for?
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