The FaeblightUnited Community would like to offer any standing RP Guilds within the server the courtesy of their own page on, under the Guild Listings menu. Please fill out the Template below and send an Enjin Mail to both ‘Margot’ and ‘Anhalion’. We will work together to ensure your Guild Template is up within a few days.

Please note: You can submit an image for your guild (icon so on and so forth). Please do so in the Enjin mail or provide a link (such as photobucket or imgur) to use.

Guild Page Template

Guild Name: (The actual guild name in Rift. Not a nickname or known as)

Guild Level: (Optional): (Approximate guild level.)

Guild Leader(s): (List all Guild Leaders)

Guild Ambassador: (If there is a separate recruitment/ambassador to the guild please list them here for recruitment contact)

Guild Population: (Approximately how large in number is your guild? You can answer small (1-7), medium (7-15) or large (15 and up) or just give a number of members. This is to give any potential recruits an idea of how big a crowd they are looking at.)

Guild Alignment: (Evil, Good, Nuetral, etc.)

Guild Philosophy: (In one or two sentances please outline the ‘philosophy’ of the guild. A quote or saying is fine too.)

Guild Dynamics (Optional): (What is the outlook/disposition within the guild? Anything that needs to be known such as closed lipped group with very little outward extensions, casual community that is seen around a lot, so on and so forth.)

Guild Site: (Please provide the main site link, facebook link or other media used for contact/more information about your guild)

Addl Info Needed

~ Are you Recruiting? (Yes or no)
~ What are you looking for? (Class, Rpers, Raiders, Etc.)
~ What are Recruitment Restrictions? (18+, Rpers Only, Etc.)

OOC/IC Descriptions
~ Brief OOC Description (A brief OOC Description of the guild if you please. Couple paragraphs at most)
~ Brief IC History/Premise (We don’t need a novel, just enough to dangle a bit of IC history/premise for people to understand where this guild comes from in an RP standpoint)

~ Guild Allies (List IC & OOC Official Allies)
~ Guild Enemies (List IC Enemies only)

And that's it! Enjoy your day!