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Thread: [Zaviel open event] Spring Festival

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    Default [Zaviel open event] Spring Festival

    Spring is upon us and the villagers of Moon Falls invite everyone to join them in the Spring Festival. There will be several activities during the festival like games, a market, blind dating and a lot more. Feel free to visit the village on the 25th of the 4th Moon for a nice evening of games and making new friends.

    When: Friday April 25, 20:00 (GMT +1), 18:00 Servertime.
    Where: Moon Falls Inn & Village dimension (owner: Suraia)

    The Market
    We are looking for people who like to play salesman or woman for the market. So if you have a character that would want to have his or her own stall at the Market, please contact me.
    I hope we can get some stalls set up for both IC and real in-game items (like for example gear, materials or dimension items) to be sold on the market.

    We will be hosting several fun games for our visitors to do during their stay at the Festival. If you have a great idea for a game and you would like to host it please contact me for more information.

    Blind dating
    After the Market and the Games, Moon Falls Inn is hosting a blind date event during the festival. For only two gold ((IC gold, not real gold ofcourse)) you will get an all you can eat buffet with your blind date. Who knows, you might meet new friends, make new acquaintances for future RP or this could even be the start of a nice relationship between characters, groups of friends or even guilds.

    More information about the event may follow. You can also contact me or any of my guildies in game.

    Lillyeth/Suraia/Shinsy of the Wanderers

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    The Spring Festival is mostly set up. We have nice market stalls in the Spring theme but every merchant character is welcome to visit the market to promote their own goods or services (In an IC fashion) if they want too.

    For games we have:

    Mead drinking contest
    Come, I dare you all to taste the finest spring mead and enter out mead drinking contest that will be held on the Festival grounds in the big tent with the comfy pillows to sit on.

    Crossbow Shooting
    Want to practice your hunting skills with a Crossbow? Visit the Crossbow shooting game and see how good your aim is.

    Can tossing
    How many cans can you hit with a ball. Come visit our can tossing stand on the market and find out.

    A stage has been build up especially for the Spring Festival. Here several activities will be held like a fashion show and a talent show. Do you have the guts to stand on the stage and perform?

    All you can eat 'blind dating' buffet
    Everyone's favorite little dwarf Shinsy will be walking around on the Festival grounds to take entries for the Blind Dating that will be held later in the evening in the Moon Falls Inn. So if you want to enter or have questions about the blind dating go and speak to her.

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