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Thread: Is there a way to move character from EU to US? (Or alternatively best RP server EU)

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    Default Is there a way to move character from EU to US? (Or alternatively best RP server EU)

    Is there such an option?
    I hadn't known Rift has a server for RP specifically and that it's not EU, so I just joined a regular EU shard.

    I know Zaviel has some RP in it but how prominent is it? Is that the place to go as a european player looking to RP?

    Otherwise is it possible to move to Faeblight?

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    Hi. I am pretty sure at this time that it is impossible to move characters between EU and US. I personally rerolled on Faeblight when I saw the price of Rex. I may have lost all my PA and have to build new dimensions, but meh I like building anyway! As for RP on Zaviel. It is where the last RP server was merged. I believe the channel is /join riftrp if you wish to easily find others for RP and there are some RP themed guilds around too. Happy hunting
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    No thers not.

    We had a guildie over from US and she tried even contacting customer service and even offered to pay, but still no.
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    No you cannot due to physical limitations.

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    Argent was the RP server on the EU shard but that has been merged with Zaviel. A number of RP guilds exist there and the best way to track them down, maybe have a chat with folks and see what would be the best fit is joining the riftrp channel. Any events, open RP and Q&A folksies tend to be on there.

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