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Thread: Is D&D style roleplay dead?

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    Default Is D&D style roleplay dead?

    I've played rift for a while now. I have taken a break from the role-play universe since free to play hit. Before I remember many guilds into deep D&D style role-play and role systems. As of the late, I've been getting back into the role-play community. I've been having a lot of trouble finding anything more then "Tavern Role-play". Since most of my old role-playing friend have moved on to other games I'm not sure where to go for the type of Role-play I'm seeking.

    I just don't understand how the people at the Tavern's all the time have time to do the things they say their character did. It seem like everyday someone has done something new with there character that never was really role-played out.

    Please, I hope nobody takes any offense to this post. I just feel that if you say your character did something. Then you should have really done that. If anyone knows of anyone still doing this type of adventures I would love to be pointed in that direction.

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    Hello Renorien! This type of roleplay is certainly alive and kicking, and there are many of us who believe if you haven't done it icly, your character hasn't done it. Obviously, *pretending* your character has done things is a no-no! The people I play with and myself are involved in some very intricate storylines that require DnD roll-based play, as well as rp'ing through the different aspects of the game (dungeons, warfronts, zones, etc, all IC, all for character and story development).

    If you would like to chat, I am on Faeblight as Rivvka. Also, you can visit blackwoodcompany@enjin.com for some information on a heavy rp guild, or faeblightunited.com , a forum for the rp'ers on Faeblight.

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