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Thread: Faeblight Players being kicked off for names - Any information?

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    Default Faeblight Players being kicked off for names - Any information?

    Hi there,

    Can anyone let me know how this situation is being handled? I know of Dimensioneers who have supported many Dimension projects and contribute to events that take place on Faeblight and other shards which are considered Roleplay though some artists do not fully RP.

    Are players being given a scroll to change names after establishing themselves in Faeblight for some months or is it just a get off kind of thing change it come back in a week? I got some texts before logging so hope to get info before I log back in again tomorrow.


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    Names need vowels

    Although the abbreviation for roleplay is RP which doesn't have a vowel.....

    Hailol is cooler anyway lol
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    Hmmm no responses or places to find out the "rules" of RP shards.
    Sorry Rg

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    That's news to me, but I do recall a lot of people complaining on the forums that the RP rules on Faeblight are not "enforced" enough. So, I guess Trion got tired of all those people whining about RP rules and put their foot down.

    Plus, I don't get all this RP rule set stuff anyway. I mean, I've been on Faeb for a few years and I can count the open world RP I have witnessed on three fingers!!!

    Now, if it were an active RP server, where every day you would see people RPing and the whole world is basically a huge RP, I could understand the complaints, but as it is right now, for me at least, it's just another PVE server. *shrug*

    Just my 2 cents...
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    Default Rules are a bit loose

    Sorry Kiwi. The RP shard rules are very loosely enforced and only a small portion of players are active participants it seems. That said, the naming conventions are mostly (again this is loose) don't name yourself something offensive (AdolfHitler for example), a phrase "Imagankmaster" , or after things that wouldn't exist in Telara (Computerguy) . At one time there was an official guideline, but I don't know if that is still posted somewhere. My suggestion would be to ask someone from an active RP Guild, I'd look in the Guild Finder for them. I tryuly hope this helps you.
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