OK Let me start off by saying I am not sure if this is the right forum for this (or subsection).
I will be gathering people for a Lord of the Rings Re-enactment RP. We will be starting on The Fellowship of the ring and hopefully Going through The Two Towers and The Return of the King. Everyone is welcome to join this event. It will be on Faeblight and we will invite people from other shards if they would like to join. It will be going through multiple zones. Examples: Freemarch=Rohan. Iron Pine Peak will be the Path of Carapace they go on before deciding to go into Moria. We will be trying to keep the characters gender as in the movie. Some genders will be changed depending on the Level of characters so people wont have to make new ones. Please PM me for more Info as this just popped in my mind. I would Love to get aot of the community involved. So please. Take your time and I would love to have anybody Participate in this. Thank you for your time. RedheadedwomanFaeblight. forum PM or in-game mail messages can be sent to the above character. again thank you for your time.