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Thread: Immersive Dimensions

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    Default Immersive Dimensions

    I don't role play but i do love lore and I like how the RP community does create environments within their dimensions to fit their RP with Rifts lore.

    I was thinking what if Trion allowed people to build portals within their dimensions to other dimensions. So, essentially you could have a pseudo world within the dimensions separated by portals. walking through three springs you RP that you fast travel to dormant core and instead of have to open the dimension UI, find and select your dimension you want to go, you just walk through that portal to DC.

    just a thought.
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    A private portal that holds a list of favorites and takes me directly to them would be amazing in terms of getting me to be adventurous and actually go to the dimensions of friends and RP type things like taverns. Good idea, although just another tab on the dimensions panel would also work. Maybe something like this is already possible for all I know. I'm a bit of a dimensions noob.

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