Fury of the Northern Winds is proud to present:
Fall Spooktacular 2013!

What: A Halloween party for all the RPers across Telara (on the realm Faeblight)

When: October 31st, 6svt to 10svt

Where: Kaisey’s Dimension “Fall Fest”

The fine interior and exterior decorators at Fury of the Northern Winds have created a spooky Halloween dimension for all to come and meet their fellow Telarains. Come explore the haunted forest, discover what secrets the old cemetery holds, or brave the spider infested cave!

There will be a costume contest at 7svt. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Only 1 entry per person please, and space is limited at the first 20 entries. If you would like to participate, send an in-game mail to Kaisey.

We will also be holding an auction for dimension items. There is lots to chose from, so be prepared for lots of action. Please no shoving or skullduggery during the bidding process. All items and sets will be available for viewing prior to the auction by going to Irlena’s “Fall Fest Auction” Dimension.

General RP rules will be followed. Please stay in character and do not be offensive. No public ERP will be allowed, and please limit using your fine steeds to traveling between the cottage, graveyard, and the waterfront.

If you are new to RPing or would like to come and learn, we will have some RP tutors to help you.
Please direct any questions about the event to our following event coordinators: