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Thread: Haunted Halls Dimension Contest (Faeblight United RP Sponsered Event)

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    Default Haunted Halls Dimension Contest (Faeblight United RP Sponsered Event)

    Faeblight United Presents

    Haunted Halls Dimension Contest

    Hosted By

    The Nijem & Noctilucent

    In honor of the holiday spooky season

    a Dimension Decorating contest

    has begun!

    Get your creative juices flowing!

    Prizes and Categories Available!

    Best in Show

    • 1st Place – 2 Rex, Deepwood Cottage Key (Dimension) and Spotlight on Faeblightunited.com
    • 2nd Place – 1 rex & Deepwood Cottage Key
    • 3rd Place – Deepwood Cottage Key

    The below categories will also receive a prize (tba)

    Most Frugal
    Most Absurd

    Now you must be asking yourself, how do I get in on this? We’ll tell you how! It’s simple!

    ~ Sign up here with the following information

    Main Character Name: (The Character you’d like the prize on)
    Dimension Owner Name: (Can be the same, sometimes it’s an alt)
    Chosen Dimension: (Empyrean Mill or Breach Chamber only)

    ~ Buy/Build/Create your Dimension in a Halloween theme

    You have until the 28th of October at midnight server to decorate

    ~ Post your ‘Finished’ notice on the thread here with the following information

    Dimension Owner Name:
    Dimension Name:
    NOTE: Please add (HH) to the end of your name for ease of searching for judges

    ~ Judges will tour the finished products

    The judges will tour the dimensions and announce a winner on the morning of October 31st (Happy Halloween!). Prizes will be sent out that afternoon.


    You can only submit a decorated 'Empyrean Mill' or 'Breach Chamber'
    (No other dims are eligible in order to keep the oppurtunity of decorating fair)

    You can only decorate up to the '1st tier' of the Dimension
    (Meaning you cannot go past the first tier of item numbers. YES it is a challenge! Make it count!)

    You can only submit one entry per 'account'
    (So you cannot have 7 alts and decorate 7 dims to up your chances)

    You can sign up until 28th. But you must have your finished post up by the end of day 28th. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    (In order to give everyone the same amount of time to work, you need to sign up/finish up your decoration on time or it will not be eligible for prizes)

    If you have any questions please visit faeblightunited.com

    (Also. I apologize if this is in the wrong category. Because it is hosted by an RP server I am putting it here. If it goes somewhere else please let me know or move this category! Thank you Moderators!)

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    (Please note prizes have changed due to the inability to gift 'Dimension' keys. See Faeblightunited.com)

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