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Thread: Looking for a chatbox addon to aid with lengthy emotes

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    Default Looking for a chatbox addon to aid with lengthy emotes

    Hello, I have a somewhat random question, and figured it may fit better in the RP section seeing as it relates to quality of life when typing long passages. I have Roleplayed as a night elf in WoW for quite some time, and have become rather attached to an addon called "Unlimited Chatbox" basically what this does is removes the character limit when typing something out so a multi post emote is entered all at once. Being a sticker for detail I wondered if anyone knows of a similar tool for Rift. It would make things so much more pleasant if I could just focus on the typing and not have to worry about how many words I can fit before hitting enter! Thank you in advance for either confirming or denying the existence of such an addon. I have looked through curse and google but so far have drawn a blank.
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    Have you tried RiftUI to see if there is one, but I dont think your going to be lucky...
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    Pretty sure no such addon is available for Rift. I dearly wish it was, though.

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