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Thread: Best RP Shard

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    Default Best RP Shard

    I was just wonder what server was widely used for RP. I'm from England and would have no problem with joining a US server if it is more popular or RP is more prevalent.

    I'm also interested to hear from EU players on US servers. Are the time differences detrimental to RP?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I think Argent is the RP shard for EU. I don't know much about Argent but there are plenty of RPers.

    Faeblight is the NA RP shard. There are plenty of RPers here but there used to be a lot of RP griefers.
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    NA's primetime is around 3am for you, so unless you're a nightowl I'd strongly recommend you join us here on argent. We have 5-6 lovely guilds to pick and choose from

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    Fragasm, Hi there

    As an RP player on the NA shards and based in good old south wales, I have no problems with the times for RP Im lucky and have found a wonderful home in a small but intermit guild which considers times for all there members....

    As for random RP, it goes on at any time of the day.
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