Here I have decided to write a little 'rumours' style section about the Silverwood Wardens for roleplayers on the Argent server so that they can know a little bit In Character of the information that would be open to the public/citizens of Telara

Remember, only use this information on this thread if your character will have access to it, which is what the colour system is in place for. These rumours or snippets of information might have been heard from passers by, the Innkeeper or regulars of the Blunted Quill, or even through the simple whisperings of the trees. And possibly Faeries. The easy rumours could be known from as simple as guessing, common knowledge or even having started them yourselves! The medium rumours might take a bit of work to know, but if it is plausible that your character will know these then it is acceptable. Unless you have been told or witnessed the hard rumours it is highly unlikely your character will know of it.

How does it work?
Easy rumours are the first thing that comes in mind to certain people, possibly through their body language or slippings of the tongue, etc. Some of these might even just be started by negative voices, or even the Wardens themselves!
Medium these rumours may be heard on certain locations. Sometimes it is best that a location is stated. It might be possible that the 'regulars' or the veteran members of the community may have an inside knowledge and the rumours could have been overheard from them.
Hard only those that have been involved with the character have been told this or a few may have seen it.
Information in bold is recent information that an inquisitive person would be acceptable to know.

Easy - Common knowledge or rumours passed through the citizens of Silverwood.

  • The Silverwood Wardens are an independent company from the Guardians, answering only to Tavril. They do what they must to protect the holy forest of their beloved Goddess, even if some of their methods might be considered questionable.

  • The Silverwood Wardens are led by their Commander, Luinon Ilvanesta. A venerable High Elf who's prowess with his blades give any of his surviving enemies night terrors, and who's bowman-ship is almost umatched among his people. He commands with fierce passion to protect his ancient home and carries out his task with ruthless efficiency.

  • The Silverwood Wardens have a camp in the southern region of Silverwood where it borders Gloamwood. At the top of the hill of Gloamwood Trail - before the turning into Silkweb Pass - lies a glade of trees that gives way to a small yet busy, homely camp.

  • It is becoming well known to be wary as you approach the camp of the Silverwood Wardens, for strangers are met with hostility - often not out of aggression, but caution. It is suggested - should one ask around Argent Glade - to state a name and business as soon as you enter the camp.

Medium - less common knowledge about the Silverwood Wardens, but with discrete enquiries and the right questions this information is open to inquisitive people.

  • The Silverwood Wardens have recently suffered two serious losses: The Captain of the Silverwood Wardens, Naitaylia Sileanil - the Commander's long-term friend - died on a campaign in Moonshade Highlands. The reason for her death would largely be unknown outside the small company of Elves. The second loss - more recent - was the scholarly Warden 'Lilliae Thornesong', who has been with the unit since it's revival.

  • The Silverwood Wardens was once a large unit of Elves, many years ago, but fell into decline after most of these Elves were killed in one night. The circumstances for their deaths would be unknown to all but the Commander, the only original - surviving - Silverwood Warden. Not all Elves died on this night, some abandoned the cause in fear for their lives, or because they had lost their faith in their then-Commander - Naitaylia Sileanil (although the leadership is open to dispute among citizens of Silverwood). Whether any of these that abandoned the cause are alive or not is unknown, but it is highly doubtful for the forest is a dangerous place for traitors.

  • The Silverwood Wardens have come out from the shadows once more as hope had been restored and faith renewed as the Commander and Captain happened upon young Elves who were interested in keeping the forest safe. This revival has led to many concerned citizens - not only Elves this time - joining the cause and the reformation of the Silverwood Wardens as they are today.

  • The unit of the Silverwood Wardens are currently on a campaign and search for a missing allied-unit of Elves under the leadership of Commander Daelyn Lorandon, stationed in Moonshade Highlands. Little more information is known outside of the Silverwood Wardens about this campaign, but there are some rumours that the Elven Commander, Luinon Ilvanesta has shown his more ruthless and less gentle nature to notable citizens of the Three Springs.