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Thread: RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER

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    Default RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER

    RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-jousting-flyer.jpg

    Tournament of Hearts An event by <The Templars> on the Faeblight Server

    Date: Sunday September 8th at 11am Server time
    Location: DIM: (RP) Temple of Mariel-Taun by Kaetlynn Tournament in the tourny grounds, with celebrations in the ale house following. All of the grounds are open for visitors and RP.
    Organizers: Kaetlynn & Lovand

    Single elimination jousting tournament

    Grand Prize: Coin purse (Consisting of half the entry fees added up) As well as a mount.

    The tournament will be overseen by her Grace Lady Kaetlynn, Priestess of Mariel-Taun, and the Lord Lovand, Master of Arms and Commander of the Templars. Their ruling in all matters will be considered final for the course of the tournament.

    1. Rider must be noble of heart and spirit lineage nobility not required, but will be announced where appropriate. Please see our house bard to ensure your proper lineage is announced.
    2. Rider must bring their own mount. All mounts must be well cared for and in good health.
    3. At the signal, riders will gallop towards each other on the right hand side of the the barrier, carrying only a lance and shield at the ready.
    4. An unhorsing will end a match.
    5. All riders may bring up to three squires into the lists to aid them.
    6. Once eliminated, a rider may not re-enter the lists.
    7. There will be three passes, or until a rider is unhorsed.
    8. Scoring is as follows:
    1. 1 point for breaking a lance upon the chest between saddle and helm.
    2. 2 points for breaking on the helmet or lance base
    3. 3 points for a shattered lance, or a tip to tip strike
    4. 5 points for unhorsing your opponent this is also an instant win in your match.
    9. The tournament judges are the final arbitrators in all things.

    OOC Rules:
    1. All competitors must be registered prior to the start of the event. And pay the 10 platinum fee.
    2. You will be called 'on deck' prior to your fight. Failing to show up when called will disqualify you from competing. Should you go LD (Link dead) or log out during the tournament and not return within the staging time, your turn will be forfeit. No entry fees will be returned.
    3. During your joust you will be grouped with the tournament organizers. At the half way mark you will /roll (1-100) the tournament organizers will call our your scoring and result. You may emote or shout/taunt/speak however you wish during this time so long as it is in line with the result. You will then proceed when called to 'lay on' into your next advance, you will ride three passes. Scoring will work as this:
    1. A roll of 1 = you have faltered and dropped your own lance. You will score no points this round, your opponent will score their points normally.
    2. A roll of 2-80 = 1 point equivalent of a strike of breaking a lance.
    3. A roll of 80-95 = 2 points, and a broken lance
    4. A roll of 95-99 = 3 points a shattered lance
    5. A roll of 100 = an unhorsing
    6. A tie = a tip to tip strike earns 5 points, unless both roll 1 (both will fail) or 100's , both will unhorse each other in a rare tie and be calculated on points to that point. If there is still a tie, a single pass will be permitted to decide a victor.
    4. The winner will proceed to the next round against another previous winner. This elimination will continue until the finals, at which point the champion of the joust will be announced and celebrated. The award will be provided.

    Prize: A mount from the stables of the Templars (to be decided by winner and organizers at time of victory) and half of the tournament entry fee.

    Entry Fee: A modest fee of 10 platinum coins is requested of all participants wishing to compete within the tournament. The sum of fees collected will go towards the tournament purse, future event prizes and our operational costs for building tournament specific dims.

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    nice idea. I might come out to watch, maybe even register if I can find 10 plat on short notice.

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    i don't RP but this accutally sounds pretty interesting to watch
    you know what, screw this ****

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    Default Tournament is today!

    Just a reminder the tournament is today at 11 server time! We hope to see you there.

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    Default Jousting Faeblight

    I wish to thank both Kaetlynn & Lovand of <The Templars> for there hardwork at getting the Jousting Event up and running and providing such a wonderful introduction to Rift RP...
    RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_193239.jpgRP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_193412.jpgRP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_205432.jpgRP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_212252.jpgRP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_212345.jpg
    I managed to get some action shots as well of the Joust winner challanging the Guild Champion to a bout...

    RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_215942.jpg

    RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_220035.jpg

    RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER-2013-09-08_220128.jpg
    Leyanyar & Taresys: Nocte Eterna Zaviel EU - Zanthas, Lalena, Corrach & Cyanese : The Templars Faeblight NA - Lalenadd & Cyanesel: RDD Road Trip on Laethys NA
    Dimensions: Cyanesel - RDDAnhkor Pools, Zanthas - Zanthas Apothercary WIP Faeblight

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