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Thread: Merisioux RP Question

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    Default Merisioux RP Question

    I have been able to download and open my <RP> frame / data.

    The question I have now is: when I do not have any character chosen and /meri -b I get a message that says- will not show <rp> button under target portrait. Does this mean I do not have the button to allow other rp players to see I am a rp player?

    I have clicked on a few players and /meri -b and have had some say they do show <rp> button under target portrait...I am sorry I do not see anything different under their targets say from those who do not show it.

    Thank You in advance for any help. I am very new to this and also fairly new to role-playing. It is great fun to be able to participate in...once I understand more

    Thanks --Gaylor
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    I have had the chance to re-read my post..looking for any answers.....I see I have wrote my question in a really odd way. I even have a hard time in trying to decipher what I have wrote.

    I have however in the interim I have found all that I was looking for

    Thank you all for your patience here with me and my mis-happen ways of writing.

    The RP Button is very cool..At some point I will have my story line in there.

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