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Thread: Grand Master Architects of Arena Competition 2013

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    Default Grand Master Architects of Arena Competition 2013

    Aloha everyone!

    I am here to announce the Dream Dimensions 101 "Grand Master Architect of Arena's" competition! Looking for those who can mold the World of dimensions into an Arena that shows no bounds or limits. Stretch the imaginations of a conqueror's mind to a brilliant strategic tactician's thought process. From hand-to-hand combat, range advantage points, los features, traps, secrets passageways, and more. No mountain to high and no water to deep what will you come up with to be deemed The Grand Master Architect of Arenas.

    Judging Panel

    To get the best of all the worlds of Telera. I call the best of the best from all Genres of Rift. The Ultimate PvP Destroyer, Achievement Master, Epic Role Player, and PVE Raid Conqueror. If you think you fit any of these descriptions then I am inviting you to come out and be part this Epic competition to judge/share your gifts, point out vantage points, ideas of battles, and overall Judge of what you think would be the best Arena that has been masterfully created with elegance, blood-shed, enjoyment, perhaps mystery and strategy in mind.

    Sponsorship & Donations

    If you feel strongly about this competition please don't hesitate to be a part of this grand competition. Promoting, idealism, and overall support are greatly appreciated and welcome. Donations are always welcome but not required. I have set the prizes, but that doesn't mean that more prizes can/will not be given away for participants alike.

    Prizes & Places

    First Place 10,500 Platinum
    Second Place 5,000 Platinum
    Third Place 1 Rex
    Fourth Place TBA
    Fifth Place TBA

    First Second and Third Place holders will have a Dream Dimensions 101 video created and showcased @Rift Scene there is also already the possibility of sub-category prizes.

    Competition Time

    Beginning Today.
    Entries Close Monday August 12thth 12pm
    Winners AnnouncedFriday August 16th
    Entries One Entry per person

    All times/dates are based on North America - Pacific.

    Full Details @riftscene.com forums

    Please click on this link for full competition details as I post on Rift Official forums to source a dynamic Judging Panel for even more fun and awesomeness.

    Click for: Full Details of the Grand MAster Architect of Arena's Competition 2013.

    So excited, look forward to seeing all the Arena's out there.

    Thanks everybody!

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    Thanks mate!

    Quick link to all details for your convenience: Click for Official Post @riftscene.com

    Just a heads up to all existing Dimensions that many of you have Arena's, dueling rings etc in that you could win 10k plat & I hope you do! Have fun

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    Default Arena Dimensions & 1v1 Gladiator Extravaganza TODAY!

    Screamo (possibly joined by other judges including Slashwrists and Spaceboots) will be livestreaming entries in the Grand Master Architect of Arena's competition today. The ones chosen today are simply those who responded to:

    Click for:Official Invitation to today's Event

    I have a busy day so will do my best to stop in BUT there will be giveaways from Screamo and myself via Screamo possibly throughout the day and definitely @ the 7pm Event on Faeblight @RP Party Deck - refer to the Invitation for details.

    Screamo's Livestream is:

    The Timetable for today is:
    3pm Bootninja@Laethys
    330pm Dawning@Deepwood
    4pm Caelila & Aloegel@Deepwood (Guild Dimension - Godlike Awesomeness)
    430pm Baradara@Faeblight (Dimension on Alt: Shortee)
    5pm - Lillien (Alt) & Tofir@Faeblight
    530pm Urfimus@Seastone

    7pm – Rivvka@Faeblight’s (RP Party Deck) 1v1 Gladiator Tournament

    Click for: Official Entries to see more on these Entrants

    *These times are subject to change and will be updated if so

    Please show support for Dimensions, PvP, your shard, your guild mate or your friend by turning up at these times and waving at the camera or cheering each Entrant on or join in at 7pm on Faeblight as a spectator or dueler.

    All Entrants on this schedule are also encouraged to let people know about this.

    Click my tag below for all details on why this event is occurring and thanks for being awesome!

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