"An idea is like a seed. It needs planting and nurturing before it can grow. The forest of Silverwood is in need of some care and attention. A seed has been planted by the Silverwood Wardens and with the help of Elves and caring, committed individuals this seed can sprout and grow and the forest of Silverwood will thrive again. Even from barren soil, with the right care, beauty can blossom."

"The Silverwood Wardens" is a community on the Argent Server (EU) in Rift. We are dedicated to bringing high quality, engaging, open-world Elven roleplay to Silverwood.

When we first started playing Rift we noticed immediately the beautiful area that is Argent Glade, but were surprised to see that it was somewhat lacking in roleplay. With many years of successful guild leading experience we decided to try to bring back what so many like-minded roleplayers desire.

This website and community itself is still being created, but if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me through enjin, or in game on Estelara.

In game /join SWardens

Website: http://glade-wardens.enjin.com/home