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Thread: So uhmm.. I'm a little lost [2 year absentee returning]

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    Default So uhmm.. I'm a little lost [2 year absentee returning]

    Hello everyone,

    I played the game on release but after buying the collector's edition I just found that other things required my attention in life. Now I've come back though, and I've got some queries in regards to roleplay.

    Please keep in mind I'm on Argent EU if that's of any consequence.

    - Where does it happen? When I left there were taverns and places in the world where roleplayers knew to meet other roleplayers. Are there still such places?
    - Dimensions. I understand how dimensions work, up to a point, but how does it combine with roleplay? Are there particular dimensions that everyone knows to get into? Or do people talk beforehand and then go to a particular dimension?
    - Guilds. Are there still dedicated roleplaying guilds? When I left there were many, and whilst I've seen some advertisement here and there it's been difficult to get any info that really gave a good overview. Is there no central thread where roleplaying guilds have made entries briefly describing themselves?
    - If you said "No, there isn't" to the above, could any Argent EU player perhaps line up some of the more "heavy" RP-oriented guilds for me?

    Many thanks in advance for answering any of these questions.

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    Firstly, a warm welcome back to Rift!

    Secondly, I don't know if you're into it but I've just started a roleplay community in Silverwood for those who enjoy Elven RP/open world RP. Not restricted by race or faction ICly. http://glade-wardens.enjin.com/ <-- That is us.

    Take a little look at the website, or join the chat channel SWardens in game, a little sub-RP channel I've created. There's also the chat channel Riftrp you can join.

    Yes, there are still the dimensions like taverns etc, and more! Dimensions tend to be where a lot of the RP seems to happen at the moment, and in Tempest Bay too I think, but from my experience it's largely guild based or dimension based.

    With dimensions I think it's a bit confusing for some, some, like the ones in Tempest Bay tend to be as if they are in Tempest Bay, others are actual dimensions and you would probably have to have some knowledge about them beforehand, I assume!

    I'm actually new to the game myself, but I have just joined an RP guild myself, hence why my little project isn't going to be a guild, but it may change in the future if there is lots of interest for it.

    I will try and find you and poke you in game, too!

    Good luck with your search!

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