Hi guys! I am Leahna from Faeblight. If you play on Faeblight you've probably caught me posting about my current project.

I had posted a thread in Community Creations but I also wanted to leave a post here since this is the RP forum.

Please keep in mind that this site is it's very early phases (style wise) but it's available to use right now.

I've managed to get most of the kinks corrected with the features but I would love to have people test it out and play with the features.

The site is supposed to serve as a gathering place for RP in Rift. Users can create & manage groups with access to individual forums, galleries and status pages. Groups can made for just about anything, clans, guilds, gatherings & events, role playing contests, etc. Groups can be public for invites or private.

Users will have profiles where they can manage their own personal galleries and character profiles. Each profile also has a status page & private messaging/friend options.

The community will also have a public blog & a general discussion forum. Anyone can apply for author access and post guides, updates or information in the blog.

I've created over 131 avatars from in game concept art for users to choose from. I will include tutorials with pairing fonts, finding fonts & painting in Gimp/Sai/Photoshop. Overtime there will also be tutorials about creative writing, dialogue and role playing.

The domain and name is going to change when the project is closer to being finished. But feel free to check it out and make suggestions.

You can view the project currently here.

I am also looking for contributors and help if anyone is interested.