Hello everyone! Since the shard forums were put to sleep, I decided to open a topic here to let you all know at least one of the events we've got going on Argent.

The Floating Mug
Is one of the first taverns to open up after Storm Legion on Argent.
IC'ly treated as a little nook of Tempest Bay, the tavern offers a great neutral setting for people to roleplay in. The Tavern is built with roleplay in mind, and everything is scaled to make that possible.

Every Monday from 8pm UK time and onwards until midnight, depending on interest, we open up the mug for a mix&mingle tavern night where everyone is invited to come along and have a drink/chat. This has worked very well to create new RP connections for both new and old members of the community.

On every other night, The Mug is of course open for use as you wish. It was intentionally created with a vague but settled story of un-named owners (referred to as "the owners") and with a relatively simple way of pricing things - everything non-alcoholic is under a gold, and everything alcoholic is above a gold. This makes it able for pretty much anyone with the will to step up and roleplay as a bartender - even for a one time show, and such help generate RP in the community.

In case of griefers.. we can unfortunately not do much (*looks at the devs* Some tools please?). The Floating Mug "unfortunately" is at the top of the public list, meaning that it gets some additional visiting traffic from people who haven't a clue what RP is, or people who wish to actively disrupt it. This doesn't happen every night, but if it does, I recommend politely informing the disruption of what they are doing in a calm and collected tone, and ask them to leave. If need be, I can usually be reached on Tasia (and I can log over to the owner of the dimension, Maktira, to make a temporary white-list if it is utmost needed and the very last resort).
I also recommend filling in a GM report about these people, should they fail to leave.

So, please enjoy and don't fall into the pool!