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Thread: RP Story: Nightbird.

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    Default RP Story: Nightbird.


    This is a short story spawned from the overwhelming feeling of immersion that came over me upon my first few hours in Telara. It is my hope to encourage roleplay in this fantastic universe which we all know to be ripe with potential.

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge of the Lore, as a disclaimer I have only just begun my adventures in Rift. I also wrote this with haste, and rather tired from the day - please excuse any grammatical slips from a tired yet mystified mind.


    How does one accept a second chance at life? Gratefully, even though it was not requested? Humbly, though one life had felt as if it were enough? Not only that, but fame? -Fame-? Breathless gasps as people point and stare, saying, "Look! An Ascended!" The better question may be, do you even have the choice to accept something which is forced upon you? That very statement presupposes the fact that you had no choice.

    Maddening... the Elf thought to himself.

    Mandragoras was a rather imposing High Elf. Though no Bahmi by any means, he still possessed a good amount of muscle to keep his form fit and pleasing. Tall as any other Elf, he looked to the floor while wandering the forests of Silverwood, deep in thought and clearly distracted. Robes covered the Elf's body, secured by handcrafted leather straps and adorned in customary designs. A walking stick thumped lightly against the dirt road as he made his way through the clear, sunny morning seeking solace in the howling wind and singing birds.

    Confusion was the first among the visible expressions on his face, hinting at the discombobulated discourse that dominated his mind.

    If I was brought back for a purpose... he thought, Why didn't the gods stop us from -dying- in the first place? his expression contorted oddly at the word "dying."

    And if we have to save the world-....Wait a minute, the gods are powerful enough to bring us back and yet they can't save th-

    His thought was interrupted with a clangy thump as his body collided with that of a Mathosian woman. Both fell on their rear ends inciting frustrated grunts, slowly rising to look at eachother with incredulity.

    "Geez! You're that tall and you can't see where you're going!?" said the female, who was armored to the core and armed to the teeth.

    Mandragoras looked at her thoroughly before replying, choosing his words carefully.

    "Didn't all that superfluous armor pad your fall?" (okay, perhaps not -too- carefully.)

    "Listen here, leaf-for-brains, if you think I'm going to-..." her words were cut off by a rumbling growl, and soon both the Elf and Mathosian turned to their right, slowly.

    Their eyes met two ravenous-looking wolves, but unlike most canines of the forest they produced a faint green glow which was unnatural and made their snarl that much more startling. Mandragoras and the woman looked at each other decisively.

    "Can we settle this later?" said the Elf.

    The Mathosian woman gave a few nods, and smirked, "What are you going to do, poke them to death?" she added cynically, pointing to his walking stick.

    The High Elf narrowed his eyes. If she were looking straight at him, she'd notice a vein pumping on his forehead as he replied swiftly, "No! For your information, I am a -Harbinger-."

    "A Harba-what?" said the woman, and at this point, the Wolves were almost looking at each other, wondering if these two would stop squabbling.

    Mandragoras took a deep breath, deciding to show her, rather than explain. The Mage gripped his walking stick and concentrated, chanting silently while lightning emanated from his arms to his staff. The transmuting took seconds, and soon he was wielding a lethal-looking sword, with a blade forged from pure lightning.

    Holding the sword with one hand, his other slid beneath the weapon like a salesman demonstrating a product, and in a haughty, proud voice he said, "Harbinger."

    Before his word was finished, the wolves were already launching themselves at the adventurers - snarling in their charge. The beasts were clearly filled with blood lust, which was uncommon for the wolves of the area.

    Nevertheless, the Manthosian woman produced her axe and charged alongside Mandragoras for what proved to be a challenging set of wolves.

    Sweating after the battle, they both looked at each other with a hint of disbelief at their abilities.

    "What-...the hell were those?" said Mandragoras.

    "Wolves, you idiot." barked the Mathosian.

    "I KNOW THEY WERE WOLVES!" shouted the Elf, so fast that his voice cracked slightly, causing a small giggle from the woman. "I mean why where they -glowing-?"

    She would then smirk, and look at him seriously, "You're new, aren't you? A new Ascended?"

    The High Elf would nod a few times, allowing his weapon to return to normalcy, becoming a walking stick once more.

    "Those wolves became corrupted from a life rift." said the nameless Mathosian, pointing deeper into the woods. "Probably one somewhere in there."

    "Huh-..." replied Mandragoras, "A life-...right. I knew that."

    "Want to go close it?" asked the woman, "Unless you're chicken."

    At that, Mandragoras grinned, and asked, "What's your name?"

    She laughed gently, shaking his head, "That'd be no fun." And as she began to spring for the woods, she shouted, "Are you coming?!"

    And so the High Elf charged, mind racing with all new sets of questions but his resolve strengthened by these series of events.

    Funny, how one small, seemingly meaningless encounter can lead to so, so much.

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    It's very fun and light hearted but has some deep questions in there! I love it, good job and perhaps it's just a prelude to a great story? Oo

    My Telaran Lore and History Blog, with a side of RP storytelling!=http://ascendedtales.blogspot.ca/201...beginning.html

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    Default Grateful

    Thank you very much for the kind reply and the "Likes" on the post.

    I did intend to continue initially, however when I realized it was past midnight and I had work the following day, I did my exhausted mind a favor and sought sleep.

    If it gains some traction, I will keep it going - though I am most excited about experiencing all that Telara has to offer.

    I am confident that leveling Mandragoras will provide me with inspiration for possible future works.

    Again, a million thanks and I hope to see you all in Telara.

    Mandragoras - (Faeblight - PvE-RP)

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    Freaky horse head demands more!

    Glad you're enjoying Rift! Welcome
    Metricos - Cleric - Faeblight
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    Though I've played from the beginning, I cannot consider myself a roleplayer. I so impressed with those that do. These are players that insert their own creativity into the game and lore.

    I don't think my mind has that kind of focus.

    I found your short story an enjoyable read. I'm looking forward to more.

    Welcome to Telera and Faeblight!


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    Default Wow.

    I feel incredibly humbled by the kind words and support. I've been reading a lot about the game and now that it will go free to play, I feel we have to strengthen the RP community for it to survive and thrive.

    To foster this sentiment, I will work on a new, longer piece and hope to progressively add more stories and RP content that folks could later take and use as basis for events and things of that nature. It isn't often that I feel so immersed and enthralled in a game world and I, for one, would like to see this one come alive, within and without.

    As a side note, I'm currently serving our corporate overlords, so I will not be able to play or write until I get home later tonight.

    I would be afraid to type something up on this iPad.
    Mandragoras - (Faeblight - PvE-RP)

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    Reading things like this makes me forget the real world and let's me enjoy Telara so much more, even if it is for just a few hours... Thx!
    United we stand, divided we fall, all as one!

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    OO' This is good. *nods* Ermm...it's been a looooong looooong time since RPing on a forum and never have RP'd on an MMO. And is this some kind of sign up for a MMO RP gig or just a forum RP...Not quite sure here. ^^'

    Oh and Manny, I love your Avie. It's a great rendition of the Flower of Life <3
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