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Thread: Looking for Suggestions

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    Default Looking for Suggestions

    I'm a lunch player, originally from the now gone Shadenfallen server. I played for about six to nine months following launch before I stopped, mostly because of finances and having too many other games on my plate at the time. I came back around the time that SL launched and have been playing since on Faeblight. One of the things I'm realizing though is I miss roleplay. Most of the games I play anymore have weak, dying or just plain dead roleplay communities. I can't speak for Rift honestly because aside from the guild I was playing with at launch I never did much RP in game.

    This brings me to the questions I have and the suggestions I'm looking for. First off are there places where it's easier to find RP then other? Specific zones/areas/dimensions that RPers tend to gather? Does the community tend to be friendly to walk up RP or is it historically more made up of closed groups? Due to some past issues I'm hesitant to join a guild but would I be better served in doing that?

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    You can use the guild finder (shift G) to find a guild that RPs.
    You can also look in the dimensions for any that are tagged with RP in the title for other players.

    I'm not sure where they gather anymore. Usually in Stonefield at the tavern, last I checked.

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