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Thread: Surnames?

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    Default Surnames?

    I have been away from the game a few years and resubscribed to the game last week(before all this F2P nonsense).

    I read that marriage is possible now in-game and wondering how exactly that works since the last time I knew, players can't have surnames.

    If surnames were added in the past couple years, how do I get one?

    If surnames weren't added, then I fail to see how Trion can seriously consider a wedding in-game legit on any level in RP. Thanks
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    Surnames have not been added, but with the help of Merisioux you can set one and show it to everyone else with the addon (The addon is a description/flag addon similar to FlagRSP and MRP from WoW if you're familiar with those)

    I warmly recommend it
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