Hello all. I know this might belong in the guild recruitment but I am looking for fellow RPers and not a generic guild. Due to my schedule this is all I can dedicate to Rift. I tried other "guilds" in other games but I seem to keep repeating the same story over and over to new people. I can never seem to get any further because I get burned out spewing the same thing. I have purposely not lvl past 25 so I am still in the newbie zone(defiant so far..havent made it past the guardian graveyard). I dont want to learn much and want to experience this game differently than in the past. I have 2 ideas for a story arc. I am kind of partial to the 1st story.

Looking for: Static group of players that meet every week or a guild with players on during my time frame to lvl and RP during quests
Times: Fri & Sat evening from about 10pm till 2am ish EST
Role Play: Med-Heavy depending on the group.
ERP: dont mind it if in character (but no tells to just cybor)
Fraction: Dont care Ill roll a new toon. (dosnt take long to lvl anyway)

Story 1:

..The tavern is filled with ascended and those seeking a place to have a warm meal and drink. You notice there is one odd man sitting at a table alone in the corner of the tavern. He is sitting hunched over a bit with his left hand under his thigh while biting the nails on his other hand. What is wrong with this fellow you think? He continues to rock slightly with his gaze fixed upon a rusted lock box. It is long and narrow with a scrolling design with intricate loops and swirls. Do you approach this odd man? Whats in the rusted box?

Story 2:

...You are in one of the main cities and there seems to be a crowd near a fountain. You ask around and it seems there is someone giving a riveting speech. The crowd it cheering during certain moments. You make your way through the crowd to see a short female cleric holding a book and raising her hand as she speaks. You missed most of the speech and she seems to be drawing to a close. Her closing statement ends with (Defiant) ..may the Vigil bless us! HUH!? did she just ask for the blessing from the Vigil? (Guardians) ..let us join our brothers in searching for an answer of how to protect the source-stone. HUH!? what did she say? And go against the Gods? ....The crowd is stunned as she walks away. You are intrigued as to what makes her tick. She needs to answer for stirring up the crowd and going against popular beliefs.

Pst me in forum or private email.

Thanks and if you know of a guild that fits please post a link.